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“Life is fast and time is less”, most probably we all have read this quote earlier. In the present fast-moving life, we are always trying to do better to make our life healthy and comfortable. We can observe other people easily rather than ourselves because we are not caring our self steadily. Here the modern technology plays its role to monitor us for a better lifestyle. In today’s article, we are here to know about a very interesting part of modern technology and that is Wearable Tech. Sounds good, but what is this, and how it is improving our lives? So without any further delay, let’s begin.

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology base gadgets are also known as “wearable techs”. Basically, it is a category of electronics devices that can be worn as accessories like watches or rings, embedded with clothes, and more. As of now, these wearable techs can also be implanted in the human body like pacemakers. Wearable techs are hands-free gadgets with practical uses, powered with inbuilt microprocessors, and also enhanced with wireless communication to send and receive data via the internet.

The expeditious adoption of wearable tech gadgets has placed wearable technology at the forefront of the IoT (Internet of Things). This technology is evolving into an important part of IoT that is changing human life through various medical applications. The growth of fast data communication, mobile networks, and miniaturized microprocessors has enabled the development of this technology. Wearable technology may be worn, embedded in cloth fabrics or accessories, or event tattooed directly onto the skin. This is wearable technology. Now, it’s time to see the working of wearable techs.

Working of Wearable Techs:

Starting of wearable tech is very old, kind of. In the 13th century, eyeglasses were developed, and they were the first wearable tech whereas they did not have any kind of electronic components. Now, modern wearable technology is defined as incorporating a microprocessor and a wireless connection.

The growth of light weighted mobile networks enables the development of wearable technology. Fitness bands were the first breakthrough of wearable technology to catch on with consumers. After that, a common electronic wristwatch gets digital display and more robust mobile applications were added and formed smartwatch. Bluetooth headsets, sunglasses, and more others allow people to receive data from Wi-Fi networks. In the race of development, gaming industries introduced more wearable techs.

There are many types of wearable gadgets present. Here we are going to discuss a few of them:

  1. Smart tattoos
  2. Tech socks
  3. Smart contact lenses
  4. Smart nicotine patch
  5. Personal pollution monitor
  6. Radiation proof underwear

Smart tattoos:

We all have seen tattoos but at this time it is different. Smart tattoos are washable and they can monitor lactate, a chemical compound generated by muscles as they exert themselves, which is released in sweat. These temporary tattoos are made of Electrozymes. The collected information can be used to monitor muscular exertion, hydration level with electrolyte balance, and other important data. This collected information has been sent to your smartphone or other devices like smartwatch to analyze your physical workout. In the older method person needs to provide a blood sample to measure his/her lactate level. As compared to this It is an easy method to measure lactate in the human body.

smart tattoos

smart tattoos

Tech socks:

Tech socks are also known as smart socks. For many years, people are using many wearable electronic devices to help them to monitor their workouts and also measure their speed with cardiovascular performance. In those days, we were using a bulky GPS device on the wrist, or cumbersome band of heart monitors. But, the modern tech generation monitoring devices are not only lighter and small but also can track and measure a wider range of information.

One such gadget is smart socks, which have tiny circuits and sensors woven into fabrics and an anklet with a wireless chip so that they can measure and send information like your running speed to your smart gadgets. Some of the manufacturers have come up with electronically enhanced socks that can help you to avoid the stress of having mismatched socks.

smart socks

smart socks

Smart contact lenses:

For many years, contact lenses are coming to correct our vision. But, now they have something more than this. Due to the miniaturization of electronic circuits and the development of new materials, upcoming contact lenses actually will be able to observe the wearer’s health in several ways. These smart lenses are capable to monitor a user’s blood sugar levels in real-time. The lenses would then send the collected data to the user’s smartphone. As of now, this gadget is still under development.

smart contact lenses

smart contact lenses

Smart nicotine patch:

Everybody is aware of the flow of smoking. Many would-be ex-smokers try to shed their addiction by using nicotine to gradually dispense the least amount of addictive materials. To solve this issue, some manufacturers have developed nicotine patches to be worn on the arm or torso to monitor the consumed nicotine level. Each night the smoker inserts a new nicotine cartridge into the device and sets the wake-up time. The wake-up time tells the device when to start monitoring nicotine consumption. After collecting the data, the patch sends this information to the user’s smartphone to check their nicotine level. This gadget uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with a mobile phone based app, which provides instructions to quit smoking based on collected data.

smart nicotine patch

smart nicotine patch

Personal air pollution monitor:

Modernization comes with many environmental problems. As we know air pollution is one of them and it’s causing many several diseases. We can’t change the whole world single-handed that’s why a wearable personal pollution monitor can help us. A personal air pollution monitor tracks the amount of severe chemicals in the air and generates warning messages via your smartphone. This gadget could make a big difference for people who lived in polluted cities.

Let’s consider an example TZOA is button sized air quality checker that can be attached to your clothing or purse, to continually monitor and collect information on air quality, temperature, humidity level, and more. It sends the collected data to a smartphone app. This smartphone-based application gives you a continuous air quality report.

Radiation proof underwear:

We all are carrying smartphones nowadays. Few people carry it in their handbags whereas most of them carry it in their pant pockets. Smartphone uses electromagnetic waves (a kind of radiation) for communication. After all, this emitted radiation sits too close to our productive organs. The smartphone radiation exposure to our productive organs remains for a long time (6 to 10 hours daily). If you are worried about this exposure then you need this radiation-proof underwear to protect your productive organs. This gadget provides radiation-proof shielding to prevent exposure.


Wearable technology enables the continuous monitoring of human physical activities and behaviors, as well as physical and biochemical parameters during daily lifestyle. Some of the wearable techs have been developed by medical professionals to monitor human body behavior whereas others of them have been developed for health consumers, including activity trackers (fit band). In modern days by using several algorithms wearable gadget is also able to check the mental status of a particular person. Many wearable gadgets help cancer survivors to improve their life.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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