smart window glass

Now you can see me but now you don’t. Do you remember those days when the sun was coming and going on your window? In the winter season, everybody loves the sunlight. But what about summer, the answer is No. In the summer season to avoid the sunlight in the room most of us are using reflective glasses. It is a good option to prevent upcoming heat into the room. Now, summer passes, and winter comes and your window is still preventing upcoming heat from sunlight. To get the sunlight in, most of us open our window but what if your window is fixed or you can not open it. This is a complicated situation to solve this you might think to change your window glass mirror. But, now you don’t need to do this. Today we are exploring smart window glass also known as Electrochromic glass. The smart window glass changes its color from light to dark (clear to opaque) and back again, by pressing a button. How it is happening, let’s find out.

smart window glass

What is smart window glass?

Glass is an important discovery of human beings. Without it, our buildings would be dark, cold, and damp. But glass also has some drawbacks also. A normal glass lets in light and heat even when you don’t want it to. On a hot summer day, more solar heat comes inside the building and you will need to use your air-conditioning system more. That increases your electricity bills and also it is waste of energy that harms environment too. Because of this most of the building windows are fitted with curtains. Using curtains seems a technological kludge. Even after using it, glass is transparent and you don’t want it to be.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people had many electronic automated instruments for homes and buildings like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and more. So, why should not use electric glass or smart window glass that can change from clear to opaque automatically? Smart window glass uses a scientific idea called electrochromism, in which material changes color (transparent to opaque) when the electric voltage is applied across it. Typically when you remove the applied electric voltage glass color becomes normal (opaque to transparent).

Engineering inside the smart window glass:

Smart window glass (electrochromic glass, also known as dynamic glass) is an electronically tunable used for windows, skylight, facades, and curtain walls. Smart window glass can be directly controlled by building occupants, is very popular for its ability to improve occupant comfort, maximize access to daylight and outdoor views, reduce energy costs and provide the architect with more design freedom.

Let’s talk about the internal structure of smart glass. Ordinary windows are made from a single layer of glass and double glazed windows have two g