Evolution of mobile or cellular communication

Have you ever think about how your mobile phone makes calls in any part of the world. How does make it possible? It happens because of two things one is ‘Telephone’ and the other is known as ‘Wireless Communication’. But it is not a one-day job. It is the result of the hard work of many years of different scientists and engineers. If you want to know about that journey then come with me to explore that invention.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell telephone model

 Alexander Graham Bell telephone


Did you know the name ‘Alexander Graham Bell? He was the person who invented the ‘Telephone’.  Bell was Scottish-born –American inventor, scientist, and also a teacher. While pursuing his teaching profession, Bell began researching methods to transmit different message signals through a single wire. We can say that it was the foundation of ‘Telephone’. So Bell has given us a ‘Telephone’.

By using the Alexander graham bell telephone model several changes had been made to improve the quality and reliability of telephonic communication.