Smart washing machine

Cleaning clothes was always a cumbersome task. But the invention of the cloth washing machine changed the game. Let’s have a look at its journey. In the 1400s an Italian Jacop Strada develops one of the first mechanized clothes washing machines. After that many designers and manufacturers played their role in the development of this machine. The first electric washing machine was made by an American inventor Alva John Fisher and in 1910 he patented a washing machine powered by a small electric motor and this machine was equipped with the self-reversing gearbox. This self-reversing gearbox was responsible to reverse the direction of the machine motor. This mechanism ensured that clothes were not compacted into a solid mass. Later on in 1937 two persons John W Chanberlin and Rex Earl Basaett of Bendix Home Appliances, Detroit, Michigan developed the first automatic washing machine (according to their words automatic word expressed that “washing, rinsing and drying machine operating automatically according to a definite cycle”). In 1976 another home appliances company Servis launched a washing machine with the world’s first computer-controlled clothes washers, with futuristic push-button controls.

This is a brief history of this gadget. Here we are going to discuss the about “Smart Washing Machine”. Before going into deep first of all we need to know, what is a smart washing machine?

What is a Smart washing machine?

A smart washing machine is similar to a simple manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic washing machine but one function makes the difference. The smart washing machine can be connected to a domestic or household Wi-Fi network in the same manner as other communication devices like tablets or smartphones. After that, you can use this gadget to your smartphone, tablet, smart speakers and control its functionality via using an application.

Units of this gadget:

Every washing machine either it is smart or non-smart has almost similar mechanical and electrical motor units. But electronic units are totally different from each other. Here we are going to inside the smart washing machine and will find out their main functional units. And these are given below:

  1. Sensors
  2. Control unit
  3. Display panel
  4. Water pump
  5. Spinning motor
  6. Heating element


In smart or high-end washing machines, several sensors provide real-time monitoring and feedback to improve functionalities. Some of the popular sensors are given below:

  1. Thermistor
  2. Rotor position sensor
  3. Water level sensor
  4. Dirt sensor
  5. Vibration sensor