Smart lock system

In the era of smart homes, everything is going to be changed. There are many IoT devices present to serve and improve the lifestyle of human beings, whether it is Smart AC or Smart Washing Machine. Today we are going to discuss one more IoT for your home to make them smart and secure. This smart lock made major changes in the traditional locking system. So, without any further discussion let get started.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a key-less replacement for traditional lockers. Once you install it in your doors, smart locks connect to your wireless networks like blue-tooth or Wi-Fi. Simply set your password and your smart lock is ready to use via using your smartphones. Many smart lock systems use mobile apps or websites to allow access without any traditional key. It uses virtual keys that can be generated by the remote server and send via text messages. Once received, these encrypted digital keys open the smart lock. Some of the smart locks come with the inbuilt camera module, which provides a picture of those accessing it.

How interesting is that? No! Ok let me make it more interesting and for this Just have a look inside the engineering of this smart device.

Engineering Inside:

This smart device is having several units. Some of them are given here:

  1. Control board
  2. Wireless module
  3. Camera unit
  4. Keyboard panel
  5. Locking mechanism
  6. Batteries

Control board:

It is the brain of a smart locking system. A Control board is similar to a motherboard of the computer system that contains a light operating system to control, process, and connect all the inside units of the smart lock. The control unit has built-in memory that stores the digital key in encrypted form.

Control board of smart locking system

Control board of smart locking system

Wireless Module:

Every smart lock has wireless connectivity and it is being achieved by using this module. The wireless module provides connectivity between the user and smart locking system as well it also provides connectivity for a remote server that generates a digitally encrypted key for the lock.

Camera Unit:

In this module, a camera is integrated with a motion sensor to detect the motion. A motion-sensor is a non-contact device that detects infrared radiation from any living organism and converts it into an electronic signal either in analog form or in digital form (as per their circuit), which is then sent to the control board (for further processing). Heat sensed by a motion sensor can be quantified to detect very precisely motion. To detect motion PIR sensor module is a good option.

Camera module

Camera module for smart locking system

Keyboard Panel:

The keyboard panel provides a user interface to this locking system where users can choose the desired password manually for the locker. In most cases, this unit has only numbers value from 0 to 9 but some of the manufacturers also providing alphanumeric locking patterns with the advanced operating system.

Locking Mechanism:

This electro-mechanical unit contains a DC motor (probably a stepper motor) to make a lock in this system. Whenever the user wants to apply or remove the lock this mechanism works on command of the control board. In a strong and reliable smart lock, this unit should be rigid.


In every smart lock rechargeable batteries are present to power the entire inside units. Lithium-ion batteries are the best source to power this device. Some smart locks are directly powered with DC adapters whereas some of them use batteries as well as DC adapters.

Working Scenario:

Every smart lock contains a proper internet network. Device working contains two steps. In the first step, a user selects a password in this gadget either by using a smartphone-based application or manually by using Keyboard panel. Once the user sets the password, it gets stored in the device in encrypted form via two ways, either via using an internet-based server or directly in the device. In the second step, when a user enters the password to open the locking system it gets verified by using a pre-stored password, if verification is successful, the control board sends a command to the locking mechanism, and the lock gets open after that.


The smart lock is being used at many places to provide remote-controlled security. By using this device you can unlock the locking system by using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. It is very convenient for elderly people to unlock their doors or safes. In the upcoming days, many more IoT will come to surprise us.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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