Roomba a Robotic vacuum cleaner

Fade up with your noisy and clumsy vacuum cleaner! If yes, then it’s time to move on. Modernization in technology is now going to solve your issues with a vacuum cleaner by placing an intelligent circuit inside. We are here to discuss “Robotic vacuum cleaner”. So, without any further delay just have a look at this intelligent and attractive gadget that is going to change your daily routine or in short words, it is ready to amaze you.

What is a Robotic vacuum cleaner?

As per the name, it is an automated vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum cleaner was introduced by Swedish manufacturer “Electrolux” unveiled its model in 1996 called the “Trilobite”. Six years later in 2002, the US company “iRobot” launched the very first model of the modern robotic vacuum cleaner, and its name was Roomba. Nowadays various robotic vacuum cleaners are being used but all of them have some common features like they have some type of navigation system to move them across the floor with certain conditions, contains dustbin to collect dirt, use suction and some kind of brush roller like a classic vacuum cleaner to remove and collect dirt from the floor and most importantly they all are cordless and need to recharge between cleaning cycles.

Robotic vacuum analyzer with charging dock

Robotic vacuum analyzer with charging dock

Units inside this gadget:

This gadget contains multiple units to perform its functions properly. Here we are going to discuss some important units involved here:

  1. Sensors
  2. Vacuum suction pump
  3. Control unit
  4. Charging docks
  5. Wireless module
Bottom side of Roomba

Bottom side of Roomba