Dancing water speaker

The Speaker is also known as the heart of the music system. All of us has been tried several music systems and these music systems have a different kind of speakers. Today we are going to discuss a kind of speaker that provides a beautiful decoration in our living room with its dancing water feature.

What are dancing water speakers?

It is a kind of music system with decorative lighting. Dancing water speakers are not a new invention. But its working is quite interesting that attracts us to explore it. A good quality dancing water speaker provides better quality of audio and water fountain with colorful lighting.

Inner units of dancing water speakers:

Internal parts of dancing water speaker

Internal parts of dancing water speaker

Now it’s time to look inside into this gadget. It mainly contains the following units:

  1. Colorful LEDs
  2. Motor with a magnetically attached fan
  3. Audio amplifier with Bluetooth circuit
  4. Speaker

Colorful LEDs:

These LEDs are present at bottom of a transparent glass or fiber jar. When speakers have connected with audio systems the lighting of these LED’s is being controlled by audio frequency. Colorful LEDs generate a lovely rhetorical environment in this audio system.

multi color LEDs

Multi color LEDs

Motor with a magnetically attached fan:

A dc motor in this system plays an important role. It is mainly responsible to generate a short water fountain in a glass or fiber jar. The motor has magnets on its top. The magnets on the top of the motor magnetically attached to the magnets on the bottom of the rotating fan part. When the motor spins and audio pulse causes the fan to spin and pulse as well. As the music gets louder the motor spins faster and as of result fan also spins faster. It pushes the water or mineral oil to form a musical fountain in a little glass or fiber jar.

Audio amplifier with Bluetooth circuit:

As we know most music or audio systems provide wireless connectivity using Bluetooth. Dancing water speakers are containing a single unit circuitry that’s providing Bluetooth connectivity as well as audio or music amplification. The Bluetooth unit of this circuit works as an audio receiver. It receives an audio signal from your paired Bluetooth device and sends this audio signal to the audio amplifier to perform further action.

Bluetooth audio amplifier circuit

Bluetooth audio amplifier circuit

Bluetooth audio amplifier circuit with cooling fan

Bluetooth audio amplifier circuit with cooling fan

An audio amplifier amplifies the medium and high-frequency audio signal in these portable dancing water speakers. Many portable audio amplifiers are not able to amplify low-frequency signals because of their certain limitations. As we know amplifier circuits generate heat during the amplification of audio signals. So an amplifier circuit must also have a proper heat sink.


Speakers in this gadget are work with medium and high-frequency audio signals. In a simple word, these are not able to produce bass (also known as low audio frequencies). So if you’re a loud music lover who loves the Bass effect of the music system then this gadget is not for you. Don’t fade yourself. Some manufacturers are providing Bass effects also in this gadget by making some changes in the design of their speaker.

Comparison with regular speakers:

Dancing water speakers are beautiful and attractive in the first impression.  In my opinion, these are a good option to decorate your home. But when we are looking for Hi-Fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound quality then they are not a good option.

 Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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