Dancing water speaker

The Speaker is also known as the heart of the music system. All of us has been tried several music systems and these music systems have a different kind of speakers. Today we are going to discuss a kind of speaker that provides a beautiful decoration in our living room with its dancing water feature.

What are dancing water speakers?

It is a kind of music system with decorative lighting. Dancing water speakers are not a new invention. But its working is quite interesting that attracts us to explore it. A good quality dancing water speaker provides better quality of audio and water fountain with colorful lighting.

Inner units of dancing water speakers:

Internal parts of dancing water speaker

Internal parts of dancing water speaker

Now it’s time to look inside into this gadget. It mainly contains the following units:

  1. Colorful LEDs
  2. Motor with a magnetically attached fan
  3. Audio amplifier with Bluetooth circuit
  4. Speaker