Intrusion Alarm System

At present time everybody concerns about the security of personal spaces like home. Suppose that someone is entering your home without permission and also in an unethical way. There is a smash of window glass and scuttling of feet. After that someone is stealing your most precious items from your home. If you are far away from maybe at work, school, or even in another country then what can you do to stop the burglars or stop thieves from stealing your precious items?  Now here Intruder alarm system comes under the picture.

What is an Intruder Alarm System?

This simple system is designed to raise the alarm at the moment it detects unusual entry inside your personal space. The main purpose of an intrusion alarm system is to protect from the burglar, vandalism, and the security of the individuals inside the building.

To understand this system in a better way just recalls your school science project of electricity flow in the circuit. In this project, you had seen a battery got connected with a tiny light bulb via a switch. When you turned on the switch light bulb glowed and vice versa. Suppose we replace the light bulb with an electrical buzzer and run a piece of string from the switch to the handle of a door. If someone comes in the door, the attached string will pull on the switch, complete the electrical circuit, and the end trigger the buzzer, this is the basis of an intruder alarm system.

Engineering Inside This System:

  1. Alarm circuit
  2. Detector circuit
  3. Control board
  4. Wireless connections
  5. Power supply
  6. Telephone link
  7. Detectors switches

Alarm Circuit:

In every intruder alarm system alarm circuit is based around an electrical network. When everything is normal means no intrusion occurs in your private space, the alarm circuit remains OFF state. And in the second case, when someone invaded your private space, the alarm circuit gets into ON state. Often, alarms are configured to work the opposite way with the detector circuit, when the detector circuit remains close it means the situation is normal whereas the detector circuit gets into the open state on intrusion, and the alarm circuit get turns ON.

Detector ON and Alarm OFF

Detector is ON and Alarm is OFF

Detector OFF and Alarm ON

Detector is OFF and Alarm is ON

Detector Circuit:

Thieves are not stupid; maybe some of them are not much smart. To handle this, the detector circuit contains several kinds of switches to trigger the alarm circuit. Although switches in detector circuits come in various shapes and sizes. They came under two categories: the first one detects breakage in the circuit and the second one detects motion. The switches that detect breakage are usually fitted to the entry points like windows and doors. In some places, thin wire tapes are being used at windows or door glasses. If someone breaks the window then wire tape got brooked and the alarm circuit turns ON. To make the security efficient more detector circuits have been installed inside your private places.

Control Board:

In the early days, the intruder alarm system had to be switched ON and OFF with a simple lock and key, but as of now, systems are come with an electronic control board to switch ON and OFF. Some of the systems are very advanced where you can configure the entire system remotely via using the internet. At present time control board works as a brain for this security system.

Wireless Connections:

All the units of the intruder alarm system come with wireless connectivity. It means that the detector circuit is connected with an alarm circuit based on the wireless connection. This feature builds a rigid and strong security system for your home or private places.

Power Supply:

As we know, power is required for every gadget. Most of the intruder alarm system worked with Online UPS that provide zero downtime to your entire security system. Most offices use backup power generators for the same.

Telephonic Link:

This security alarm system is not much use if no-one hears it or takes any notice. In crowded or urban areas most intruder alarm systems rely on loud sirens and bright flashing lights to alert the nearby people. But, what if the location is in a remote area? No-one will listen to the alarm sound. To solve this problem most of the alarm systems come with telephone link that connects either to a remote monitoring center or to the local police stations.

Detectors Switches:

There are various kinds of detector switches are present in the technical market. Some of them are given below:

  1. Microswitches: tine size, spring-based switches.
  2. Metal foil strip: aluminum foil-based switch, apply on window or door glasses
  3. Magnetic reed switches: smart switches, hidden inside the door frame with a magnet.
  4. Infrared detectors: works on infrared radiation detection.
  5. Ultrasonic detectors: works on ultrasonic sound waves.


The intrusion alarm system works to protect your precious items. It is a kind of deterrent system that deter the intruder by using its intensive lights and alarming sound. It is being used in offices, industries, houses, shops, and various places as safety gadget.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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    Thanks for pointing out that alarm systems can protect us from burglars and ensure our safety. My husband and I want to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our five kids. With this, we are hoping to find a security system on Monday that has a cryptic code function and touch screen keypad for our safety and convenience.

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