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We have seen lots of fascinating gadgets either in movies or in TV shows. Some of them are imaginary whereas others are real. In the list of these gadgets, we have seen some glasses those are having built-in Bluetooth connectivity and this is today’s agenda. The first marketed Bluetooth glasses were not attractive. These were bulky and clumsy. But as technology gear up itself, this gadget changes its model and became more efficient and attractive. So, it’s time to dive into this appliance.

What are Bluetooth Sunglasses?

Bluetooth sunglasses appear similar to normal sunglasses but its frame contains a Bluetooth circuit that provides wireless connectivity with your smartphone. These are integrated with speakers, microphones, and Bluetooth so they could connect with your smartphone to make phone calls, play favorite music or interact with your smart voice assistant or smart speakers like Alexa. These are becoming popular and replacing the Air-buds nowadays. How cool is it! Now, what are the units inside this gadget? Let’s find out.

First generation of Bluetooth sunglasses

First generation of Bluetooth sunglasses

Advanced generation of Bluetooth sunglasses

Advanced generation of Bluetooth sunglasses

Inside Engineering And Working:

Based on the audio system technology we can categories this gadget into two types. The first one uses specially designed conventional speakers and the second one is using Bone Conduction technique.

Convention speaker-based Bluetooth sunglasses are lower in cost with clumsiness. These are bulky, ugly, and heavy. They are like this because when they are integrated with Bluetooth, they transform from sunglasses to electronics. Various chips, speakers, and batteries are stuck into the glasses arms and it makes them cumbersome.

Bone conduction-based Bluetooth sunglasses uses bone conduction transducers or kind of vibrators that transmit sound vibrations to the Cochlea inside the ear. The sound reaches the ears as vibration through the bones and skin. Although it’s is possible that some sound would still escape the vibrator and run into your ears via air by the Eardrums. So, it is safe to say that in this kind of gadget you will receive most of the sound via the vibrations on your cheekbones.

Following electronic units are being used inside Bluetooth sunglasses nowadays:

  1. Bluetooth board
  2. Speakers and microphone
  3. Li-ion batteries
  4. Bone conduction sensors

Bluetooth Board:

This board is having a high packing density (many electronic components are integrated into the confined area) and it is responsible to provide Bluetooth pairing features to Bluetooth sunglasses with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones or smart speakers. It has a pre-programmed memory that generates a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency for Bluetooth communication. Most Bluetooth sunglasses are using low-powered Bluetooth boards to enhance battery life. Bluetooth circuit board uses two-way communication; it means that you can transmit as well as receive data at a time. In this circuitry, a microphone has been attached to provide voice communication with your smartphone or smart speakers.

Speakers And Microphones:

These are an important part of every audio system. In Bluetooth sunglasses, its size is quite small and its power is approximately 2 mW (32-ohm resistance). As we can see this power is not sufficient for better audio quality but it is being managed by the diaphragm design and magnetic strength of the speaker magnet. Nowadays most Bluetooth sunglasses providing noise cancellation features and the design of speakers help in this.

It is a common component in every voice communication device. The quality of the audio signal mainly depends on the microphone. In many Bluetooth sunglasses, crystal microphones are being used to provide better performance.

Li-ion Batteries:

Every portable device has its power supply. It is being achieved by using rechargeable batteries which are generally made of Lithium. Because of this rechargeable batteries are known as Li-ion batteries. The duration of battery power is mainly defined by Ampere-Hour. More the value of Ampere-Hour then more the time duration of battery power supply. Within Air-buds batteries are smaller in size and their power supply duration is defined by mili-ampere-hour (mAh); which is less than Ampere-Hour (Ah) unit.

Bone Conduction Sensors:

These sensors are specifically designed to transmit the sound via skull or skin vibration. It is a little advanced technology for audio generation. The working of this sensor is simple. It transmits vibrations along your cheekbones instead of through the air. This sensor uses the same technique that sea mammals use underwater. It all comes under sound vibration.


This gadget is primarily being used as smartphone accessories like video glasses. You can also use it as normal sunglasses whereas nowadays most of the manufacturers are providing many features in this gadget to make it more popular and cheaper.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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