Smart water heater or geyser

In winter probably you don’t want to have a shower. The reason is cold and chilled water that is going to freeze you. But if you have a geyser then it is not going to happen. In that case, you will love to bath in mildly warm water. Today we are going to introduce a geyser that contains intelligence.

History of Geyser:

In the modern techno era, we no longer have to go searching for natural hot water springs; we can electric geysers. But do you know who invented this?

In London 1868, a painter named Benjamin Waddy Mughan invented the first instantaneous water heater for household use. This water heater worked on fuels. Mughan invention influenced the designs of a Norwegian mechanical engineer. His name was Edwin Rudd. Rudd water heater worked on electricity. So it was the first water heater or geyser that used electric current to heat the water. After that many changes have been made in the design of the geyser. As of now is we have made Smart Geyser in this evolution journey.

What is Smart Geyser?

Smart geysers are an advanced type of water heater that functions can be controlled by smartphones based applications. In simple words, you can monitor and control the water temperature by using your smartphone.

These geysers are also incorporating a galore of other intelligent features to enable energy-saving and ease of usage. These smart features can be found in store as well as instant geysers or water heaters. Some of the smart features are given below:

  1. Temperature control and shower personalization
  2. Reduce energy consumption
  3. Ensures safety
  4. Remote controlling
Smart geyser remote control

Smart geyser remote control

Temperature control:

A smart geyser works beautifully to make your morning hassle-free! They enable you to select the desired amount of hot water you need and set the temperature that you would like. Every manufacturer provides a smartphone-based application to control the temperature of the geyser as per your requirement. Thus, it saves you both time and electricity.

Reduce energy consumption:

This advanced gadget not only monitors water temperature but also utilizes those details to minimize energy consumption. Smart features like “Power saving mode” learn your bathing pattern and optimize temperature accordingly. That’s how it prevents energy losses and saved your money.

Ensures safety:

Smart geyser is fully equipped with an advanced processor-based control unit that can auto diagnose a failure in the geyser proactively. The control is precisely designed to diagnose minor problems like small changes in power consumption or tank overheating and you will be notified in advance. In this way, it ensures the safety of you and your family.

Remote controlling:

We have already mentioned earlier, this advanced gadget can be accessed remotely. That means you can control or schedule your showers from anywhere and at any time via wireless connectivity like WiFi. Just think about how convenient it would be to just schedule a hot shower before going home. This is only possible with a smart geyser.

Engineering For it:

Now, it’s time to look inside the engineering of this gadget. It contains the following internal units that are responsible to perform entire functions:

  1. Processing unit
  2. Sensors
  3. Control valves
  4. Power supply

Processing unit:

The smart geyser has an intelligent water heating module. In general, this heating module is integrated with the processing unit. The processing unit contains a fully fledged operating system that receives and processes the received instructions from the user end. This processing board generally runs a version of the Linux kernel. Raspberry-Pi is a good option to build a processing board.


This is an important part of the smart geyser. Here high sensitive temperature sensors are in use to detect the minute temperature variation. These sensors are generally secure to copper pipe at the inlet and the outlet to the water heater and also closed to the rear face of the electric heating element. The sensors detect the inlet and outlet water temperatures and send control signals accordingly.

Control valves:

These are electronic valves. In this water flow can be controlled by sending the control signal by the processing unit. If you want more or least water flow during bath then you can choose it by using your phone.

Power supply:

In the smart geyser, much of the circuitry associated with the sensing and controlling requires a power supply of 5 to 24 volts to operate. Here power supply is designed to provide all the required voltages in such a way that additional supplies will not be needed. The input power of the heating element is controlled by the processing unit to change the water temperature as per the user requirement.


This is a popular home appliance in IoT sector. Most people are using it in their homes. If you are planning to buy a smart geyser then just go for it. This gadget is going to be changed your showering experience.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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