Satellite phone to communicate over the world

In the modern communication era, cell phone technology marches relentlessly forward. Today everyone is using mobile phones for communication purposes. These mobile phones are working on the cellular network system. As we know cell phone communication has evolved from 1G to 5G and it will go further in upcoming years. The major limitation of cellular communication or mobile phone communication is that it primarily depends on the ground-based cell phone network (or mobile signal towers). In remote areas or cases of natural calamity, these cell phone towers are not able to provide communication. Here a satellite phone proves its mettle. Satellite phones fearlessly go where cell phones can’t. Let’s have a brief intro to the satellite phone.

What is this?

Satellite phones are similar to your mobile phones. They let make you phone calls from almost anywhere on the earth. Its communication does not rely on terrestrial cell phone networks or cellular communication. Instead, satellite phones beam their data directly to and from satellites (those are orbiting the earth).

Satellite phone

Satellite phone

Based on their functionality we can say a satellite phone is a phone that uses satellites for communication (for sending and receiving data) instead of terrestrial lines. Typically, these gadgets are enabled communication all over the world irrespective of location whereas normal cell phones require proper terrestrial network coverage to enable communication.

Units involved in Satellite phone communication:

Satellite phone communication includes below units:

  1. Satellite network
  2. Ground stations

Satellite network:

Satellite phone systems work very differently depending on the technologies each manufacturer deploys in their product. Some companies designed their satellite phones based on GEO synchronous satellites, while others use LEO (Low Earth Orbit) systems. Each satellite system has its own merits and demerits.