E-writer by ElexExplorer

Going paperless is becoming still challenging in the electronic era. Why it is still not practicable to do that. One of the possible reasons for paper sticking around a very long time, even after developed computers, tablets, smartphones, is that it is handy and changeable. However typing up a document on a computer system and storing it electronically is easier, whereas simple tasks like taking notes or filling out forms seem to be easier with paper. That is an interfacing point between electronic medium and paper where E-writer comes into role.

What is E-writer?



A typical E-writer is a device upon which you can put down notes by writing on its screen. On the type of its screen, you can write by using a stylus or you may use your finger. Now a day’s E-writers have handwriting recognition software to improve their experience.

This is not a new idea, but it’s taken some time for technological advancement to make sufficiently enough devices to become paperless.