LED bulb

It is a thing which reduces your electricity bill. Interestingly we were not much aware of this invention even after approximately 40 years of its invention.  A Revolution in electronics engineering which makes a drastic variation in technology. Many of us are not aware of this journey of revolutionary invention. So let us have a look at this small but effective discovery of human beings.

Inventor of LED - Light emitting diode

Nick Holonyak Jr, Image credit: Wikipedia

Origin of LED Bulb:

Nick was an American engineer who well known for his pioneering work with LED (Light emitting diode). Nick Holonyak Jr joined the General Electric (GE) electronics laboratory in New York. At that time several GE team members were working in the field of optoelectronics. Optoelectronics is a branch of electronics in which electric current is being converted into light. One of GE member who was also a colleague of Nick Holonyak Jr,  Robert N. Hall had developed a laser using a semiconductor diode. Robert N. Hall’s laser emitted only infrared radiation, which lies beyond the range of human vision. Nick Holonyak Jr decided to make a diode device that would emit visible light. In 1962 an inventor Nick Holonyak Jr. invented an LED that gives ‘RED’ light.

A simple bulb needs a filament to produce light which increases power consumption but It does not have any filament to produce light, which makes it different and reduces power consumption!

Diode crystal structure