Smart Mug

If you are a tea or coffee lover then you always want it at the perfect temperature. Sometimes you get it too hot or too cold. To make your tea or coffee perfect for you then you must need to warm or cool it a little bit. Why we are discussing this common problem, the answer is simple we are here to introduce a gadget that takes care of your beverages at the perfect temperature (neither too cold nor hot). Yes! This is Smart Mug.

What is This?

It is one of the smart gadgets that can be controlled by your Smartwatch or Virtual assistance using wireless connectivity. The Smart Mug allows you to keep your drink at a precise temperature. Suppose that you want your tea at 130 °C this gadget will make it for you. It is portable and you can carry it easily in your office or traveling bag. They charge easily via a USB cable and keep warm your beverage. If you are considering adding it to your cupboard then you need to know about its temperature regulation capacity, battery life, and its portability. Let get inside engineering of this gadget that is going to keep you charged all day.

Engineering Inside:

We can classify its internal parts based on their functionality. They are given below:

  1. Heating container
  2. Heat sensor
  3. Controlling board
  4. Battery

Heating container:

The heating container is attached to the internal wall of the mug to provide proper heating to the drink. This unit contains a heat sensor to measure the beverage temperature. Once you pour the drink into the mug and turned it ON then the heat sensor starts its work to check and regulate the value of temperature. The heating element is mainly powered by an inside battery whereas it can also heat up directly by the USB power supply. The amount of current in this heating element is a controlling factor. In simple words, this current controls heat, and the controlling board controls this current.

Heat sensor:

This sensing unit measures the inside drink temperature and also generates required electrical signals corresponding to its measured value. This electrical signal send to the control board to perform further action. The Control board process this signal and also displays the temperature value on a small LCD display over the mug.

Controlling board:

The Control board is small size PCB board that contains several electronic units like a processing engine, wireless adapters, and more. The controlling board is mainly responsible to receive the commands from users via using wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once the commands receive to change the temperature value, control boards change the current of the heating element, and that’s how your drink is ready for you at a precise temperature.


Most of the Smart Mugs are powered by Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable in nature. Good quality of battery provides long life. Commonly this gadget is running on light-weighted batteries. The main problem with these batteries they got discharged rapidly. Maybe in the upcoming days, we will find some other options those replace this lacuna.


The working of this gadget is similar to other smart gadgets. When you filled your mug with tea or coffee the heat sensor senses its temperature and generates a relative electrical signal. This signal is received by the control unit or board and after processing it, the heat value display on a small LCD screen over the mug or user smartphone app. If the user finds the heat amount is OK to drink then there is no need for any action. But if the user finds that the heat amount of his or her drink is not sufficient, the user sends the command to Smart Mug to heat the drink. This command is entered on a smartphone phone-based application and transfer to the mug via wireless connectivity either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. On successful reception of the command, the control board process it, increases the current value of the heating element, and heats the drink at the desired temperature. That’s how this gadget is functioning.


This Smart Mug is helpful while traveling. It is portable and easy to use. As we have discussed you can heat up your drink at a precise temperature without any worry.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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