Induction stove

It was a time when we were using an electric heater to cook food. One big problem with electric heater is that it is very dangerous to use. There are always possibilities of electric shocks. Another disadvantage is that it is also less durable.

Induction cooking is a good alternative to the electric heater as well as the household LGP cylinder. Induction stove technology was discovered in the early 1900. It was first time introduced in 1933 at the world fair in Chicago.

What is an Induction-stove?

It is an appliance that converts input power into a magnetic field. This varying magnetic field causes to generate heat. An induction stove works on the principle of Electromagnetic induction. Before going inside into the induction stove let’s discuss a little about electromagnetic induction.

Electromagnetic induction in Induction stove

Electromagnetic induction in Induction stove

Electromagnetic induction is a theory that was discovered in 1830 by a well-known scientist Michael Faraday. As per this theory, when you pass an alternating current (AC) through the conductor or a coil, a magnetic field gets generated around the conductor or coil.

Using the same principle, the manufacturers of induction stoves put a copper coil below the cooking wall or glass of the Induction stove. When you switched ON the Induction stove, the input AC supply enters into the internal circuits.