DTH set-top box

Have you ever tried to adjust your old TV Antenna? Of course, we did it or we have seen it earlier in our childhood. And also you would know how tough to adjust it in the proper position to provide clear picture quality.

Black and White television

Black and White television with TV-tuner

This old TV antenna system mostly works on short wave transmission which is strongly affected by electromagnetic interference’s. In this old communication system, multiple signal repeaters are used at several points to improve the picture and audio quality. This communication uses YagiUda Antenna for signal reception. But as we know this communication system was not much effective to improve its quality.

The first satellite television signal was transmitted from Europe to the ‘Telestar satellite’ over North America in 1962. Now DTH (Direct to Home Services) provides better picture quality with less electromagnetic interference. This is a kind of panacea for the TV channel system.

Which things made it? Let’s have a look at TV STB (set-top box) that is providing you this amazing experience. A typical DTH service has the following elements:

  1. Transmitting earth station
  2. Geo-Stationary satellites
  3. Dish antenna
  4. Set-top box