Tv remote control working
Classic TV with channel tuner

Classic TV with channel tuner

Have you remember those days when we used a channel tuner in our old TV model! Most of us are know how difficult it was to change a TV channel. Whenever we think about that a sweet memory comes into mind with an old Television.

As the technology evolved, this problem gets resolved by using a ‘Remote Control’ system. This remote control system has two parts. One is Remote control and the other is IR – Receiver circuit.

TV and remote control

TV remote control

In a remote control Television, IR – Receiver circuit is installed within the Television box. Whereas Remote control is a portable and handy device as we know. Here we are going to explore ‘Remote Control’. In the present scenario, most of the TV remote controls are using ‘IR’ (Infrared) technology. Infrared rays are also known as plain-old “heat”.

The IR-based remote control uses an IR LED to produce infrared light. In simple terms, we can say that the remote control transmits a signal and the Television receives it by using an IR – Receiver.

TV Remote

TV remote buttons

Let’s have a look at the internal parts of remote control to understand the working of the TV remote. The basic parts involved in it are:

  1. Buttons
  2. Integrated circuit board
  3. Infrared Light-emitting diode (IR – LED)
  4. Batteries


These are generally made of good quality rubber. Backsides of buttons contain a thin layer of graphite or any conductor which works as contactors for integrated circuit boards.

TV Remote control circuit board

Integrated circuit board

Integrated circuit board:

The integrated circuit board contains programmed IC, few carbon resistors, IR – LED, and power supply connectors. This board contains every electronic part of the TV remote control. When a user presses a button on the remote then programmed IC of board process the signal, for that button, and transmits it to TV (IR – Receiver unit).

The advantage of this integrated circuit board is that it is rigid, compatible. But the problem with this circuitry is that if it got faulty then you can’t repair it because most of the components are integrated within programmed IC.

Infrared LED internal architecture

IR -LED internal architecture

Infrared LED with driver circuit

IR-LED with driver circuit

Infrared Light-emitting diode (IR – LED):

This one looks like a simple LED but one difference is that it generates Infrared light. A human eye is not able to see that IR-LED light. If you want to see the infrared lights use your mobile phone or any digital camera. These IR – LEDs are being used in many devices like night vision cameras, CCTV, Robotics, and much more. The internal structure of IR – LED is shown in the image. The light of a LED depends on its semiconductor material. For infrared light, Aluminium gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) or Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is used as a semiconductor material of LED.

IR – LED needs driver circuitry to perform a better operation. In Remote control, a pre-programmed integrated circuit is being used to work as a driver circuit for IR – LED.

In general, an LED driver circuit contains voltage regulator IC, carbon resistors, inductive filter, and capacitors. You can also see the driver circuit in the image with an IR – LED.

TV remote with batteries


Universal remote control

Universal remote control


A TV remote control generally uses one or two 1.5 volt batteries. It is the source of power for the integrated circuit board of remote control.

We have seen parts and working of a simple TV remote control. You may also listen or using a remote control name as ‘Universal remote control’. This is a kind of remote control but one thing creates a difference in this, which is, It can control most of the remote-controlled gadgets or devices like TV, Air conditioners, Music system, etc. In universal remote control, the integrated circuit board is programmed or configured based on the devices present in your home.

Every manufacturer of universal remote control uses a certain protocol/standard for their remotes, and software or program in the universal remote is configured with various standards for these manufacturers.

Thanks for reading. See you soon with another exploration!

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