Tv remote control working
Classic TV with channel tuner

Classic TV with channel tuner

Have you remember those days when we used a channel tuner in our old TV model! Most of us are know how difficult it was to change a TV channel. Whenever we think about that a sweet memory comes into mind with an old Television.

As the technology evolved, this problem gets resolved by using a ‘Remote Control’ system. This remote control system has two parts. One is Remote control and the other is IR – Receiver circuit.

TV and remote control

TV remote control

In a remote control Television, IR – Receiver circuit is installed within the Television box. Whereas Remote control is a portable and handy device as we know. Here we are going to explore ‘Remote Control’. In the present scenario, most of the TV remote controls are using ‘IR’ (Infrared) technology. Infrared rays are also known as plain-old “heat”.