Currency counting and checking machine

Hundreds of years ago, the counting of money used to happen in the same preparative way as anyone does, by counting one note at a time. And also banks were assigned the job of counting currencies and also they used to keep bundles of 100 notes of similar values like 100 notes of 10 dollars in a bundle. That particular person had mastered the art of understanding currencies by their feel and look also. This process was going on but in the 1920s, the first step was taken to mechanize this counting process. Modifications in several mechanized models were had been done from time to time. In the 1980s a U.S. firm came with a computerized currency counting machine called the REI High-Speed Machine. By using the computerized methods this machine did not only count as much as 70000 notes per hour but also culled any note that was positioned incorrectly.

This is a brief intro to the history of the currency counting machine. Let’s have a look at a modern currency counting machine that can also check the authenticity of the notes.

What is this?

A currency or cash counting machine is a machine that counts money either stacks or loses collections of notes. Modern currency counting machines also can find fake notes by using an advanced electronic scanning system. These machines are easily interfaced with any computer system. Some of them are having own display units whereas others use additional display monitors. The need to validate currency authenticity has increased dramatically and this requirement demands continuous improvement of counterfeit detection technologies.

Note counting and checking machine

Note counting and checking machine

Units in this machine:

A currency checking and counting machine is a mixed-signal system driven by digital signal processing or MCU (Microcontroller Unit) for system processing. This mixed-signal system is surrounded by high-performance hardware units. It also contains several mechanical units like rollers, rods, etc. We are going to discuss some main electronic units of this gadget, those are given below:

  1. Sensors
  2. Signal system or MCU
  3. Motor