We hear a case of drunk and drive in news somewhere every day. To avoid this kind of incident breath analyzers play their role in a good manner. Most probably you have seen this device in the hand of a policeman to determine the amount of alcohol in the system of persons suspected of being intoxicated. In the breath analyzer, a precise amount of the suspected person’s breath is passed and this analyzer displays the amount of alcohol that person. It is very helpful to identify the amount of the consumed alcohol in that person. Before going to dig the internal units of the breath analyzer, let’s have little information about the breath analyzer or breathalyzer.

What is Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer is a gadget that measures alcohol levels in the system of a suspected person by analyzing the precise amount of alcohol in the breath. This gadget is being frequently used to secure peoples in the transportation system.

Breathalyzer for testing alcohol level

Analyzing alcohol level by using Breathalyzer

When someone drinks the alcohol it gets absorbed from the throat, stomach, mouth, and intestines into the bloodstream. Here we need to know one more point that is “Alcohol is not digested upon absorption, nor chemically changed in the bloodstream”. As of result, the blood goes through the lungs, some of the alcohol moves across the membranes of the lung’s air glands (also known as alveoli) into breathe, because alcohol will evaporate from the solution. The concentration of alcohol in the breath is related to the blood. As the alcohol is present in exhaled air, it can be detected by the testing of this air.